During the summer months, kids have the unique opportunity to save up a little bit of cash, while learning the value of work. For kids who want to make some money, there are a few different options. You might have to get creative, but it can be done and the efforts can be highly rewarding. Here are four of the top ways.

1. Flipping produce
Some people flip homes for a living, but kids can flip produce. If you live in an area with a solid farmers market, then go there and purchase some popular items for cheap. You can then take those items and sell them alongside the road. This is an excellent way to turn a little bit of money into a lot of money, and you will learn the value of capital and turnover.

2. Mowing lawns
One of the time trusted methods of making money for kids is to put out some yard work offers. Go around door to door and offer to cut lawns each week. If you are into enterprising, you can print up some flyers and advertise your service that way. Charge $25 or $30 per lawn and you can make a nice amount of money while also getting a good tan. Most kids will have parents who can help with the equipment, making this much easier.

3. Umpiring little league baseball games
Many little leagues run through the early summer months and for older kids, you could be an umpire. If you know the game of baseball and you are up to the challenge, you could earn $40 or $50 per game just for making the calls. This would obviously only be an option for kids that were on the older end of the age scale, but it’s one that is both fun and easy.

4. Hit the job force
It won’t be an option for every kid out there, but many opportunities exist to get a “real” job. The issue is that most kids don’t have the ability or the organizational skills to maintain their own business. That means that working for someone else might be a good idea. Some kids get jobs as summer camp counselors if they are old enough, or summer camp helpers if they are a bit younger. Working for a local small time summer baseball team could work, as they are always looking for people to man the ticket counter or the food cart.

Provided by Victoria of Ratelines