That huge pile of leftover candy on your dining room table, the one taking up space whenever your family sits down to eat, serves as a reminder of all the fuss that goes into Halloween and how quickly the fuss fizzes away.  You’re left with a dumpster full of candy wrappers you can’t recycle (unless you’ve heard of Terracycle) and a mountain of candies your kids don’t seem interested in eating.

Worry no more.  Put that mound of candy to use and keep your kids busy this holiday season with these three crafts.

Gingerbread House

This one is pretty straightforward.  Prepare a basic gingerbread house and rather than spending more money at the store to find more candy that your kids’ teeth could go without, use the candy leftover from Halloween.  Unwrap Twix bars or Tootsie Rolls to serve as logs for wood siding, use Nerds for decorated doors, and apply frosting to Milk Duds so they can stick on these doors as knobs.  Let your kids get creative and have their way.