Kids are full of wonderful questions aren’t they? There are some excellent resources available online to explore with your kids that will encourage and reward their curiousity:

FAQ Kids – Tons of answers here on many topics, and below each answer is a list of related questions to encourage continued exploration. There is a Word of the Day and a list of people born on each day as well!

Want to know how many countries there are in the world or why we have daylight savings time?

Whyzz – this site is an excellent source because it goes beyond just answering the question, but gives extra helpful information, ways to explore the topic further and sources and links to follow about the topic. You can also find games, experiments, and even explanations for kids about current events.

Some fun questions from this site: Why do burps make funny sounds? Why is outer-space black? Do bugs have ears?

How Stuff Works – there are lots of ways to interact with this site beyond the basic question and answer content, including videos, podcasts and photo galleries.

Find out how honeybees make honey, and what would happen if an asteroid hit the Earth!