In today’s economy, vacations can sometimes be a luxury that not every family can afford, especially with the high cost of gasoline. However, just because a family vacation isn’t in the household budget this year doesn’t mean you can’t plan an imaginary or “virtual” vacation for your family. In fact, your family might just enjoy their imaginary vacation so much that you’ll end up planning one every year, even if you do go on a real vacation. Here are some fun tips you can use to plan the best “virtual” vacation ever.

Children Love Make-Believe

It’s really no wonder that children can appreciate and enjoy the concept of an imaginary vacation, since most children are the absolute masters of make-believe. In fact, you might just find that your child will be better at the art of planning an imaginary vacation than you are. You can start the process by discussing places that you’ve always wanted to go. Since it’s likely that everyone will have a different list of favorite places, you’ll probably end up with a nice variety of suggestions. Once you have a list of potential vacation destinations, conduct a family vote to determine where you will plan to go. As part of this process, make sure that everyone understands that you are planning an imaginary trip and not an actual one, to prevent anyone from becoming disappointed.

Planning Your “Virtual” Vacation

Once you’ve decided upon your destination, the real fun can begin. In order to have a successful imaginary vacation, it’s necessary to learn as much as possible about your destination. Everyone can take part in the research process. You’ll want to find out about the climate, popular tourist destinations, clothing styles, the language that is spoken, regional foods, and anything else that you would normally want to know before embarking on a real vacation.

Once you’ve done your research, you can start planning your actual vacation day. The more imaginative you can be, the more fun everyone will have. You can decorate your home in a way that simulates your “virtual” destination. Plan a day’s worth of menus, featuring regional dishes and local foods. If there is a different language spoken where you are planning to travel to, try to have everyone learn a few of the more common phrases and words.

Vacation Day

A weekend day is often the perfect choice for your actual vacation day so that everyone can enjoy the day together. If you normally play car games when traveling to vacation destinations, make these games a part of your morning. You could even drive to a few local destinations that will help to simulate your “virtual” destination. For example, if you are taking an imaginary vacation to the beach, a trip to your neighborhood swimming pool could be a lot of fun. During the day, take a lot of photos of your family enjoying your time together. When you return from your imaginary vacation, use the photos to create an album or scrapbook to commemorate the experience.

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