stamping fun for kids

Need a quick and easy craft project? Kids can make some great art by stamping with things you have laying around your house! ┬áThese are especially nice projects when you don’t have a lot of art supplies. Using things from around the house means you don’t have to spend extra money and really brings out creativity in the kids. There are many things to be found around the house to stamp with, including cookie cutters, legos, cups, lids, foam, cardboard, pencil erasers, wine corks, etc. Food is great fun to stamp with, and you can carve potatoes into any shape you like to make stamps. Painting the ends of celery to make a stamp makes great flowers.

Cardboard is another versatile material to make stamps out of. Simply cut out the shape you’d like and then glue on a handle on the back, also made of cardboard, to make it easy to use. If you’re feeling adventurous, try carving stamps on large erasers.

Here are some more ideas to try: