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Looking for a fun kids activity that you can do anywhere? How about a scavenger hunt! They are easy to organize and tons of fun for all ages. Scavenger hunts will get your kids running around and learning in an experiential fashion. They can be done indoors, outdoors, in the classroom, in the car, and even while camping.

Here’s a list of scavenger hunt ideas already brainstormed and broken down by location. Simply pick and choose what you want to put on your list!

Here is a list for a simple indoor hunt:

purple crayon
holiday decoration
red book
dirty sock
yellow candle
plastic cup
rubber band
photo of the pet
left tennis shoe
baseball cap
paper clip

The important thing is to be prepared, have fun with it and end while the kids are still wanting more. Try doing one scavenger hunt a week with the kids. They’ll love it!!! The Scavenger Hunt for Kids site has a comprehensive collection of hunts to get you started.

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Happy Hunting!!!