Some people are naturally creative, while others of us sometimes need a little help. Whether the kids are doing creative writing, or you’re just looking to kill some time with something fun while you’re waiting for the car to be repaired, these printable story starter cards are just the thing. Cut out the cards along the lines and have fun!

Click on the link below to open and print.

Story Starter Cards

How to use the story starters:

Creative writing – have your students draw 3-4 cards, then write a story that includes each of the cards drawn.

Creative storytelling – draw several cards and tell a story including each one. This words great for the younger kids who may not be writing longer stories yet, but will enjoy making up a story.

Round Robin – everyone picks a card, and the first person starts a story with one or two sentences that must include the card they chose, next person continues the story, etc.

Where to use the cards:

During schoolwork/homework time. These are great in the classroom or at home. If you intend to use them repeatedly, laminating them would be a good idea.

Bedtime – if your kids like original bedtime stories, it can be difficult to be creative night after night. Use the cards for ideas!

Keep them in your bag for any time you get stuck waiting (restaurant, car repair, etc.)

Play in the car on a long trip- those long trips sure can be boring! Instead of  turning on the DVD player, how about dealing out several cards each and let everyone tell a story!

Have fun!