printable play moneyPlaying games with money is a great way to teach kids all kinds of things about how money works in the real world. At Free Stuff 4 Kids, we have multiple denominations of play money, and we even have play checks you can print out! When kids are very small, play money can be used to learn simple counting, as well as basic addition and subtraction. As they get older, denominations of $5 and $10 are perfect for learning skip counting. Working with money really reinforces the idea of place value as well.

Playing store is always fun, and kids don’t realize they’re learning math at the same time! You can use printable play money and checks to help them to learn about budgeting too!

See the below links for all of our printable money resources:

Printable $1, $5 and $10 Bills | Printable $20, $50 and $100 Bills | Printable Play Checks