fractions worksheetToday’s free math printable is a great worksheet to help introduce fractions, or to help your kids remember what they learned last year as we head into the coming school year. Summer seems to drain the brain of all math learned the previous year doesn’t it? Do you have a kiddo who is headed back to school soon supposedly having learned about fractions last year, but can’t seem to remember what a fraction is now that summer is almost over? This free printable worksheet¬†will be a big help!

This fractions worksheet would also be a nice one to use as you introduce the concept of fractions. Teach the kids to put the number of colored portions in the top space and the number of total portions in the bottom space. Talk about how we regularly use fractions in everyday life, especially in the kitchen. Seeing that you use fractions regularly can be an inspiration for learning them.  They can do hands-on activities like playing with tiles, blocks, measuring cups, etc.

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