Learning to use scissors can be difficult and requires a some practice! But kids love to cut paper don’t they? Here’s a printable scissors practice sheet to help your little people learn to use them.

Cutting Practice

The skill of hand separation is required do use scissors. This is the ability to use the thumb, index, and middle fingers separately from the pinkie and ring fingers. There are left-handed scissors available, so if you have a leftie, be sure to purchase those instead so they can see the cutting line. Kids with special needs, hand weakness, or coordination problems may need to use special or adaptive scissors at first, though many children are able to progress to cutting with regular scissors over time.

If using scissors is too challenging, a child might benefit from some fine motor skill development activities such as tearing paper, spinning a top, using a hole puncher, picking things up with tongs and even squeezing water out of bath squirt toys.