color cardsColor cards are fun to make and there are lots of fun games to play with a deck of color cards that your preschooler will love! To make a deck of color cards you will need:

  1. An old deck of playing cards (not plastic coated) or 3×5″ index cards
  2. Colored Construction Paper
  3. Glue or Double Stick Tape


  1. Cut the colored paper into small rectangles that are the same size as the playing cards or index cards. Cut 4 rectangles for each color. If your child can use scissors, let him help you cut. If not, talk with him about the colors as he watches you.
  2. Stick the colored rectangles onto the cards using glue or double-stick tape.

When you’ve completed your deck of color cards, try some of the games below!

Call The Color

This is a simple color recognition game. Mix up the cards and then have your child turn them over one by one, naming each color as he sees it.


Encourage your child to be creative with the color cards. Ask, “How many ways can you lay out the cards?” “What designs can you make?”

Color Hunt

In this game your child matches colors that are the same. From a pile of cards, he first draws one card, looks at it, names it and puts it color-side down on the table. Remembering what the color was, he tries to find something else in the room that is the same color. If he forgets the color he may go back and peek at the card.


Lay out all the cards on the floor or table in rows. The first player turns over two cards. If they match, the player takes the two cards and puts them in his pile, and then the player takes another turn. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over and the next player takes a turn. Game is over when all matches have been made.

Go Fish

Each player gets 5 cards, which he arranges by color. The object is to get a full set (4) of any color. Players sit in a circle, with the rest of the cards in the middle. The first asks the one on his left, “Do you have a red?” (or a color of his choice) If he does, he must hand it over. If not, he says “Go fish.” The player then draws from the pack. If he gets the card he wants, he shows it and earns another turn. The first to get a full set wins.