For the first time in 4 years, I’m adding a new category to FreeStuff4Kids. I have two kids and quite regularly we play with some great toys and even though they aren’t *free* I really want to tell you about them. I think we all hate spending money on toys that turn out to be boring or low quality, and it’s always nice to know what other kids have enjoyed.

Imaginarium 100-Piece Marble Race

We bought this marble race toy several weeks ago after hearing from a friend how much her boys enjoyed it, and we LOVE it!
The best kind of toys are ones that a wide age range enjoy. My 2 year old plays with this toy and my friend’s 8 year old thinks it’s totally cool as well. Both boys and girls have been at our house, having a great time building a track for the marble to go down. It came with 3 pictures of example marble runs that are great for spatial thinking and following instructions, and they of course can design their own creations.

Once the track gets built up high, you have to be careful not to tip it, which I guess is not surprising. I wish the marbles were a little higher quality, but they work fine. I know there are some awesome wooden maze sets that might be a little sturdier, but for the money, this toy can’t be beat!