playWith all the online games, Leapster, Nintendo, Wii, etc. options that are available now for kids, it’s easy to forget about the many fun and active games we adults played when we were growing up. You know, the kind where you did “one potato, two potato…” to figure out who was “it”? Or all the different games we played in the car to make the time pass a little more quickly? I’ve collected several sources for playground games, rhyme games, outdoor and indoor party games, camping games, car games, ball games, etc. below. What are your favorites?

Games Kids Play – huge listing here, nicely organized by category.

Center of Web Game Listing – alphabetically organized.

Group Games for School Age Kids – a selection of 10 games including some fun variations on the simple Tag game.

Youthwork Practice – really great listing of 2000 indoor and outdoor games, divided by category.