I have early rising kids and though I am an early riser myself, 6am is just earlier than I want to be up. With my older son we used a CD alarm clock with the volume set very low to tell him when we could wake up, and while it worked well, the volume kept getting turned too loud and it was never a perfect solution. Now my 5 year old and 2 year old share a room and our new Stoplight Clock IS the perfect solution.

The reason it’s perfect is that it’s TOTALLY clear.  Red, stay in bed, Green, get up. It’s also silent. My little one is a light sleeper, so any music would wake him. It makes it very easy to train even really little ones to stay in their beds in the morning. We also use it for rest/nap time. The little guy is starting to give up his nap, so on days when he doesn’t sleep, it lets him know when he’s done with quiet time in his bed.

LOVE it. Had to tell you about it.  🙂