match animals with their homesThis fun worksheet about animals and their homes will be fun to use as your kids learn about the different ways that animals live.  This animals featured in this worksheet are the frog, bird, chickens, horses & cows, pigs and dogs.

Ways to use this Animal Homes Worksheet

  • As the kids are doing this worksheet you could ask which animal is the largest and which is the smallest
  • Ask which animal they think has the most comfortable home.
  • Ask which homes were built by the animals themselves, and which were built by people. How can you tell?
  • Discuss what people commonly build homes for some animals and not for others.
  • You can also discuss what homes provide (safety, shelter from the elements, etc.) and talk about ways that their homes are similar or different from the animal homes on this worksheet.
  • Ask the students if they can think of other animal homes, such as a beehive, fox’s den, bear cave, etc. and discuss how their instincts direct them in building/finding a home.
  • Read the Eric Carle book, My Very First Book of Animal Homes before or after doing the worksheet.

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