As things start to heat up, we look for ways to keep cool while playing outside. Here are several ideas to have fun with this summer beyond the standard bucket of water or swimming pool to splash in:

Ice Excavation – check out this great idea at Counting Coconuts. Freeze a bunch of toys in a plastic bin and let the kids experiment with ways to get them out!

Ice Cube Collecting Game – Scatter a bunch of ice cubes in a small pool and have the kids gather them in a bucket. The one who brings out the most ice cubes wins!

Sidewalk Paint – give the kids a bucket of water and a big paintbrush. Show them how to paint the sidewalk or patio with the water and watch it change color.

Sponge Toss – soak a big sponge in a bucket of water and then play catch!

What are your favorite outside games for keeping cool during the summer heat?