Snow globes are always a fun and entertaining decoration for the winter season. Although there are plenty of elaborate and expensive snow globes that you can buy, you can actually have a lot of fun making your own easy and inexpensive version. With a little bit of assistance from an adult, this can be a great project for children to make on a cold snowy day.

Materials Needed

To make a snow globe, you will need a clear jar with a lid, such as a baby food jar. However, if small children will be making and playing with the globe, a clear plastic container with a screw-on lid could be a safer and less breakable choice. You’ll also need some florist clay, a small plastic figurine or other plastic decorations for inside the globe, and some fake snow or white glitter. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, and some ribbon to decorate the base of the globe. If you are using a plastic container, be sure to only use a low temperature hot glue gun.

Preparing the Globe

Start by washing and drying the glass or plastic container and its lid. Once the inside of the lid is completely dry, you can use the florist clay to create a platform on the inside surface of the lid. Keep the clay towards the center of the lid, so that you can still screw the lid back onto the container. Affix the plastic figurine and any other plastic decorations to the jar lid by pushing them into the florist clay. Test to make sure the figurine isn’t too tall by temporarily screwing the lid onto the container. Once you’re sure everything fits properly and is arranged to your liking, you are ready to assemble the snow globe.

Assembling the Globe

In order to avoid cloudy or bubbly water, fill a glass with cold water and let it sit for a while. Then, carefully pour the water into the container, filling it up to approximately one half inch from the top. Sprinkle approximately a half teaspoon of white glitter or plastic snow into the jar. If you are using a larger jar, you might need to add more glitter or fake snow to create a realistic appearance. Using your hot glue gun, place a line of hot glue around the inside edge of the lid. Then, screw the lid on, making sure it is firmly seated and sealed by the hot glue. Let the hot glue harden. Then, use the hot glue gun to run a line of glue around the outer edge of the lid, so that the lid and the container are firmly sealed together. Let the snow globe sit in the upright position overnight before shaking the globe, so that the glue has a chance to completely set. Then, decorate the outside of the jar with ribbon, bows or any other decorative items┬áthat you desire. You could even personalize the snow globe by writing the child’s name on the outside of the container with glass paint or a permanent marker. Once the decorations are applied, you can flip the snow globe over, give it a shake, and enjoy the snowy show.