I’ve seen lots of really cute pennant banners all over the internet, and when it was time for a birthday in our house, I decided to make one. It turned out really cute! I’m sharing the printables here so you can make one too!

Instructions for making your own birthday banner:

Print all 5 birthday banner pages. Cut out each triangle (it’s easier if you use a paper cutter). Punch a small hole in each corner- I used a large nail. Thread some string through each hole, going down through the hole on the left side of the triangle, and up through the right side. ¬†When you complete the word “Happy”, tie a small knot in the string, to keep the letters together. Leave some space, then tie another small knot and string the word “Birthday”. After you’ve used it, just fold it up and store it away to use another time!

Banner Printables:

Birthday Banner 1

Birthday Banner 2

Birthday Banner 3

Birthday Banner 4

Birthday Banner 5