A reader requested some flash cards on our Facebook page. Here is the first set, which you can use for number, shape and color recognition! You may want to laminate these before cutting apart for durability. These flash cards will be fun to play with in a variety of ways:

  • Ask kids to point to the color you call out.
  • Ask kids to identify the shapes.
  • Have them trace the numbers with their index finger.
  • Talk about where you might find the different shapes in your house or as you’re riding in the car.
  • Have a color scavenger hunt! As the kids to draw a card from the pile and then find something in the house that is that color.
  • As you look at each card, have the kids count each shape.
  • Print two sets and play a match game.

Click here to open and print!

If you’re looking for more games to play with color, check out our page about making Color Cards and all the different ways to play with them. Kids love these games and feel proud when they know all their colors, numbers and shapes. What are you looking for? Let us know here in the comments or on our Facebook page, and we’ll try and make it or find it if we can!