We have struggled to get a consistent chore system set up in our home. But, I have just discovered an awesome online chore tracking system called MyJobChart that I think is going to make a big difference. It’s a free tool that lets you manage your kids and chores online, and allows you to set up rewards for long term or short term chore completion. Setting it up is really simple and user-friendly. You add a child, and then add chores, choosing from the provided list or creating your own. You can use the point values they suggest or set your own. Then you can add rewards, either choosing from the Amazon.com store items, “family” rewards like TV time or trips,  or creating your own. The kids have their own login and can check off completed items, and you can choose to receive emails when chores are completed and rewards earned.

My son couldn’t wait to do his chores after we set this up this morning. I set up a bookmark on our iPod Touch and he loved checking each one off as they were completed. I’m not a fan of short term rewards for chores, but I do like the idea of a reward earned after a couple of months of consistent chore completion. Because of the flexibility of the system you can really set it up however you like, with some chores not necessarily earning any points, and extra jobs you assign earning extra points.

Give it a try! Do your kids like as much as mine?