Don’t throw away all those Christmas cards you get this season. Here are 6 different crafts to do using recycled greeting cards.
1. Bookmark – Cut a strip from posterboard or thin cardboard, about 8-inches x 2-inches. Cut out the picture on the front of a greeting card. Glue the picture at the top of the strip. Write a message on the strip if you want. To make your bookmark more durable, you can laminate it or cover it with clear contact paper.
2. Place Cards – Use the pictures from the cards to decorate name cards for your Christmas dinner.
3. Ornaments – Cut 2 circles from the pictures of 2 greeting cards. The circles should be the same size. Trace around the bottom of a glass or other small, round object to help you cut your circles. You can use glitter glue to add more decoration to the ornament. Glue the greeting card circles together. Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the ornament and string a ribbon through the hole.
4. Gift Box – Use the cards to make a small box to give gifts in, or to keep trinkets in. Click here or here for detailed instructions.
5.Placemats – Cut out pictures from a greeting card and arrange them on a paper towel. You can also cut out letters for your name from construction paper, to decorate the placemat. Carefully place a piece of contact paper over the paper towel, and press gently. Adding another piece of contact paper to the back with make your placemat last longer.
6. Greeting Cards – Recycle old Christmas cards to make your own cards. Use a blank card, or fold in half a piece of construction paper. Cut out pictures from the old card, and decorate your new card!