The radio show, “Classics for Kids” has a wonderful website that I just discovered and am so excited to share it with you! You can listen to current and past week shows as well as play games such as the Note Name Game and Rockin’ Rhythm Master, and you can even compose your own music. It’s a great site for kids to get familiar with instruments, composers and classical music in general. The Musical Dictionary has recordings of how all the instruments sound, and if click on Hear the Music, you can listen to entire pieces of great classical music.

Listening to classical music is great for the brain. Tell kids as you begin to listen to it that classical music is different than pop music in some ways. The first time you listen to a piece, you might like it fine, or you might even be a little bored by it, but you’ll find that if you listen to a piece multiple times you begin to enjoy it more and more. Unlike pop music where eventually you may get sick of certain songs, classical music grows on your more each time you listen to it. Not sure where to start? Try Beethoven!