We’re heading into summer, and echoes of “I”m bored!” are sounding across the country. At FreeStuff4Kids our mission is to keep kids busy and happy, so here is a selection of fun stuff to do with the kids from the TONS of stuff here on the site:

Play an indoor ping pong bouncing game

Give them a chance to learn the basics of computer programming with this awesome free software

Print out some coloring and activity sheets

Download some free audio stories for their mp3 player/iPod, etc.

Make a cardboard play house

This list of 101 things to do when there’s nothing to do at About.com is something I’m going to print and put in my purse for the next time we’re stuck with my son in the airport, car, etc. The nice thing is, they’re all FREE activities. Some of my favorites:

Tell a story, taking turns one sentence at a time
Thumb wrestle (then you can print out the thumb wrestling championship belts!)
Teach the 9 times table trick (that is cool – I’ve never heard that one before!)
See who can go the longest without talking (my personal favorite)

Check out 101 Things To Do With Preschoolers too!